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Why Choose WEARTUFF™?

Challenge Pumps continuous product improvement program has developed a world leading Mine De-Watering Pump which outlasts and outperforms anything else in the market. Various trials around Australia confirming WEARTUFF™ pumps having a service life of 65% longer than our nearest competitor. By focusing on providing the longest service intervals, the WEARTUFF™ Mine De-Watering Pumps are by far your “Lowest cost per Litre Pumped” Mine De-Watering Solution.

The WEARTUFF™ pump has been designed with corrosive and abrasive resistant, high quality components to ensure the pump will not prematurely fail due to causes such as bearing failure, drive shaft failure or stator sealing failures and achieves its full service life. 

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The performance ranges of the different WEARTUFF™ Pumps can be seen below. Click on the respective pump labels to download the pump curve/data sheet.

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Traveller Pump Solution

Challenge Pumps offers the World's Best Travelling Decline Pump System. The WTX3 being the most popular model as a traveller pump is the perfectly sized pump to be used with 110mm PN16 Poly discharge lines. Challenge Pumps Patented Vortex Mixer Tank Technology which has a self cleaning effect is praised in the field as it means less time dumping tanks and more time mining!

Click here to reveal our WTX3 e-Brochure which details the many unique features of our X-Range traveller pump units. 

WTX3 Vortex Mixer

System Solution