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About Challenge Pumps

With the increased pressure on contractors and mining companies to improve profits through operating efficiencies Challenge Pumps has proven itself as market leader providing customers with solutions that assist in meeting these cost saving demands.

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The Total Solution

Specialised in the field of underground and open pit mine de-watering, Challenge Pumps are able to offer a total solution from system design to supply, maintenance and repairs, onsite training and service exchange.

In addition, Challenge Pumps offer a number of other services which assist with reducing operating costs, staff down time and the high cost of purchasing replacement parts;

Challenge Pumps maintain a fast and efficient off site facility where they can rebuild pumps at a fraction of the replacement cost by reusing or reclaiming pump parts and putting them back into service.

Trust WEARTUFF™ Pumps

WEARTUFF™ products have taken over as the market leader and preferred de-watering option in mines all over Australia and New Zealand. The WEARTUFF™ range of long life rotors and stators can be supplied and fitted to any existing Mono Pump®* still in operation.

The WEARTUFF™ range of helical rotor pumps has reduced the operating costs of mine de-watering by 30 to 50% by using improved rotor and stator technologies unique to the Challenge Pumps WEARTUFF™ range. The longer rotor and stator life has been proven by several documented in-field trials when pumping the same water in the same mine as an equivalent Mono Pump®*.

If you are not using WEARTUFF™ pumps and replacement parts, you are not taking advantage of the lowest cost de-watering options available to you.

Contact Challenge Pumps today to switch to WEARTUFF™ pumps.

Challenge Pumps - Tried, Tested and Proven

As an ISO9001 quality assured company, Challenge Pumps offers independent expert advice and services in all aspects of underground and open pit mine de-watering solutions.

Challenge Pumps takes pride in providing pumping solutions to the exact requirements of their clients and delivering equipment that can perform in harsh mining environments.