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Crown Plunger Pump

These include de-scaling, quenching, water-blasting, concrete demolition, chemical dosing, hydrostatic testing, boiler feed, CO2 injection, abrasive wet blasting, and descalination by reverse osmosis.

The robust and popular Crown 350HP plunger pump is widely used in stope-washing applications and as a micro-power source for water rockdrills. This particular range of pumps is available in either the dry-shutoff variant to deliver very large water savings, or as a conventional dumping variant. Models are available with pressures of up to 20 MPa and flows of 220 litres per minute.

The crown-707 range is available in either Triplex or Quintuplex models. These pumps are extensively used in hydromining applications, and are used to power drills, loaders and ancillary equipment. They have proved cost effective where compressed air or hydro columns are not available. Other applications include their usage in steel mills both locally and abroad where they are used to descale and quench rolled plate. The Quimtuplex model can deliver pressures of up to 150 Mpa, which is then utilised to clean or even cut material where the alternate use of shot blast or thermal lancing is not practical.

The Crown-737 and Crown-120 Triplex mud-pump range are recognised stalwarts in the mining industry and continue to be efficient and reliable in both local and international mining operations. 100% local manufacture ensures continual availability matched with competitivie priocing.

The Crown 275HP pump is a compact Triplex high-pressure pump widely used in the coal mining industry. It is fitted to the continuous miner and in conjunction with a scrubber provides an efficient and low cost means of dust suppression.